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Every week accounting personnel is up against a deadline to get the weekly payroll completed and out the door. From the moment the timecards come in, the processing begins and the timer starts. Payroll Manager removes the hassle from processing payroll ensuring all paychecks are processed correctly and most importantly, on time.






Every week timecards come in, and paychecks go out. Unfortunately, it is never this easy. Producing the weekly payroll is often one of the most important functions of the accounting staff and it is always up against a deadline. All too often this process is bogged down or even halted with a variety of data entry problems or timecard issues.

Payroll Manager is the software solution that allows accounting personnel to manage payroll process quickly and efficiently. Digitally scanned timecards allow for easy entry, eliminate the “paperwork shuffle”, and reduce errors. When timecard issues do arise, electronic notifications are instantly sent to the responsible supervisor for resolution, allowing paycheck processing to continue without pause. Ensure your accounting staff is never late with payroll again.

Demand more from your current system. Contact a Peer today and discover how Payroll Manager provides your office personnel the power to process payroll accurately & on time, every time.


Seamless integration
Individually tailored to seamlessly integrate with all major accounting software packages to quickly and easily transfer payroll information to your system.

Document Management
Electronically scanned copies of the timecards prevent misplaced or lost paperwork in the office.

Internal Routing Process
Streamline office productivity by eliminating paperwork being routed throughout the office.

Automatic Supervisor Notification
Instantly alert management and key personnel of all issues that need to be addressed before the timecard can be fully processed.

Internal Communication Log
Tracks and facilitates quick resolution of time card issues.

Executive Statusboard
Provides instant snapshot of ALL outstanding issues for the current payroll in process.

Capable of supporting future company growth and adjusting to new requirements.

100% Customizable
Specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements, criteria, and reporting needs of any construction firm.


Accelerated Processing
Eliminate slow, error-prone manual payroll processing, which can result in paycheck delays.

Enhanced Oversight and Controls
The executive statusboard and other features provide management with the tools to easily process payroll and identify any outstanding issues.

Save Time
Streamline your payroll process by making the most of productivity and workflow tools.

Improved Issue Management
Easily identify and resolve issues using various filters and sorts.

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