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April 6, 2010

Capitalizing on CMS

Due to the success of our recent educational seminars on CMS, we are proud to announce they will become a regular addition to our support offerings.

"Capitalizing on CMS" is a yearlong, educational program designed to boost your staff’s efficiency and productivity in their use of the CMS modules.  This six-part series of seminars will transform your personnel into a team of CMS gurus capable of leveraging every tool and feature of your accounting software.  

Everyone and anyone on your team from newbie to veteran user is welcome to attend and is guaranteed to learn a better way to use your accounting system.  The best part is these seminars are absolutely FREE!

The “Capitalizing on CMS”  2010 calendar includes the following six, stand alone seminars:

February 11th:
Accounts Receivable- Processing and collecting Accounts Receivable invoices as efficiently as possible improves cash flow and helps manage customer relationships.  To facilitate this effort, it is very important to be aware of the software set up options available within the CMS AR module.

April 8th:
Accounts Payable-
The Accounts Payable process is more than just paying bills.  When handled effectively you can optimize your cash flow, ensure timely vendor payments to influence best pricing, take advantage of substantial vendor discounts and minimize the time and effort spent on the AP process.

June 10th:
Job Cost-
The ability to obtain meaningful job cost data for analysis once the job begins, is heavily dependent upon there being complete, accurate and intuitive Job Cost set up when the job is created.

August 12th:
General Modules & Features-
What you don’t know CAN hurt you.  Take a look beyond the entry, printing and update programs to uncover features and functions that provide the base of the entire CMS suite of accounting applications.

October 7th:
In an ideal world, all time cards come into the office at the same time, contain complete and accurate information, every employee has the same deductions and all checks are printed at once on a single predetermined day.  Unfortunately when it comes to Payroll, variances are the rule rather than the exception.

December 9th:
General Ledger-
Every company has the unique and complex task of providing various forms of financial statement information.  In an ever changing business environment, often times the requested information cannot be produced by a simple canned report.   Extracting the data into separate reporting structures helps fulfill these requirements without a lot of tedious steps or the need to revamp your core chart of accounts.

Registration notices for each session will be sent two weeks prior to each event. For our clients outside the greater Columbus area, we will also provide an invitation to join via an online webinar connection.

For more information on the "Capitalizing on CMS" program or the individual seminars, contact us at

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