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July 8, 2010

Purchasing Software, The AirTek Construction Way

PeerAssist has been working on another development project to deliver software the way the customer, AirTek Construction, wants it to work.  Airtek Construction of Troy, Alabama, designs, builds and services industrial plant air pollution control systems for the power, pulp and paper, petrochemical, waste incineration and other industries.

In delivering these services, having the right parts available, at the right time and in the right place is critical to getting the job done and avoiding unnecessary plant down time.  No out-of-the-box inventory or tool control system has been able to help AirTek deal with the complexity of their requirements; very large part numbers and descriptions, extensive customer-supplier-manufacturer number cross referencing, multiple and situational shipping instructions, out and back gang box job site parts usage, separate invoice freight cost allocation, and FIFO costing and valuation layers.

Working together with AirTek, PeerAssist’s software development group has put together a system that handles these and many other requirements of this mission critical process.  The solutions for AirTek includes customized and integrated versions of Purchasing, Parts Management, Quotation, Billing and Accounts Payable applications.

“Our motivation for looking for a solution was the difficult, labor intensive, inefficient, ineffective and error prone tasks associated with keeping up with our large inventory. We were using multiple Excel spreadsheets and Excel was just not getting the job done.” 

Barry Smolcic, VP/Parts Management


“Our main reason for choosing a PeerAssist solution over the other products we looked at was mainly due to the level of customization that was available with their software.  Most all of the other vendors wanted to basically sell us a packaged product off the shelf with little or no customs and force us into changing our methods in order to fit their software to our needs.”

Mark Smith, CFO

If you have a process, problem or requirement that just does not fit standard software, give us call; we can help you enjoy software done the way you want it.


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